Intuitive Flow: A Collage & Art Journaling Workshop
Intuitive Flow: A Collage & Art Journaling Workshop

Intuitive Flow: A Collage & Art Journaling Workshop

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Get into your intuitive flow and see what words, colors, and images show up!

We each have a deep wisdom that lives inside to help guide us on our journey, if we just listen. Let’s take some time to quiet the outside noise and listen to that inner voice ~ through free flow writing and collage let your intuition guide you, discover what you’re ready to release, and what seeds you need to plant to manifest your dreams.

This is an art journaling workshop that can be taken many times. The theme of the content will change with your life. Take the prompts home with you to use this creative outlet daily or weekly to process life events, emotions, transitions and more. It’s all about getting in your intuitive flow and being open to what shows up. This is a space where we lower the volume on the inner critic, and let go of the outcome. it’s not about the art It’s about the process.

Erica brings her creative spirit and respect for the instinctive wisdom that lives deep within of each of us. She will guide you through a relaxing, inquisitive, and inspired journey and lead you to uncover your own truths.  Erica creates a fun, sacred space to release all of your veils and get into your creative flow.

Materials Included! 

Date & Time
Saturday, April 11th, 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Rare Bird, 3883 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, Ca. 94611

Skill Level
Everyone is welcome 

Age Group
Adults, young people welcome with an adult OR contact us to sign a waiver form. 

Erica Skone-Rees

Erica is Rare Bird's founder, mama bird, an artist and maker. She has spent 20+ years designing jewelry, painting, sewing, dabbling in textile art and more. Erica sees the creative process as a journey back to oneself, one of the best forms of releasing, healing and reinventing. Erica teaches many creative workshops and holds space for ritual, meditation, and self inquiry through art and community. 

Also available as a Team building workshop or Art Party!